Eco Cabins
About the Eco Cabins
[CAT Eco-cabins] There are two Eco Cabins and each provides well insulated, centrally heated accommodation for 18 people.
Approaching the Eco Cabin from the covered link area you enter a welcoming, carpeted open-plan living space with kitchen facilities to meet the needs of self catering groups. The room is furnished with easy chairs, fold down tables, stackable dining chairs and coffee tables to offer maximum flexibility. Beyond is the bedroom area with six bedrooms, including two singles, plus shower rooms and toilets. Hot water for the kitchen and showers is heated by the woodstove or by the roof-mounted solar panels. You can use the woodstove for cooking or you can use the adjacent gas cooker.
The eco cabins have a green roof on them. A green roof is made from plantation or other greenery which allows life to blossom. 
You can have a brown roof which consists of bricks and leftovers from the site, this allows life to grow such as insects and bugs over time. 
On the eco cabins you can see the grass and moss which has been developed, well there are different layers to the roof. Firstly a dpc and weedproof membrame is put down on top of the roof to stop water or roots from breaching and compramising the structure. The next layer consists of gravel to drain water without dirt coming down, obviously your basic compost and planting process begins giving you a living garden on your roof.
Wikipedia's definition on a green roof
A green roof or living roof is a roof of a building that is partially or completely covered with vegetation and a growing medium, planted over awaterproofing membrane. It may also include additional layers such as a root barrier and drainage and irrigation systems. Container gardenson roofs, where plants are maintained in pots, are not generally considered to be true green roofs, although this is debated. Rooftop ponds are another form of green roofs which are used to treat greywater.
  1. House Green Roofs
    House Green Roofs
    Here you can see a small house can has a living roof, this also adds to the insulation value to the house with minimal cost.
  2. City Green Roofs
    City Green Roofs
    Above shows that even in city environments green roofs can be introduced to lower the C02 emissions.
  3. Large Project Green Roof
    Large Project Green Roof
    When there are big projects such as this one, to introduce a green roof would allow the site to blend in with its surroundings. Not only that but they have created another space to enjoy.
  4. Green Roof Gardens
    Green Roof Gardens
    As shown in the picture the site doesn't have a fully immersed green roof, but yet has plantations to provide a aesthetic quality.