Solar water heating is a great way to heat up water without spending a great deal of money and helping the enviroment. The process is simply allowing the sun to heat up water in an efficient way.
Solar water heating, also known as solar thermal, is about using the sun's energy to produce domestic hot water that we use for showers, baths and hot taps. Solar water heating panels should not be confused with photovoltaic (solar electric) panels which produce electricity from sunlight.
Producing hot water for use in showers, baths and hot taps accounts for a significant proportion of the overall domestic energy consumption. Under UK conditions, a household can easily produce around half the hot water it needs over the course of a year from solar energy.
Solar water heating can be used anywhere with sunshine, this means that where ever you are in the uk you'll be able to make one of these yourself and put outside to heat up your water. Having a solar water heater could reduce bills for the site dramatically, especially if you have more than one that are working together.
The point of this is so that using a boiler becomes second, meaning less fuel is used to create heat and instead we use a renewable source of energy.
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    Heating my home
    solar water heating panels produce hot water for baths and showers, especially in summer. In the UK it is usually not possible to use solar panels on the roof for space heating but they can produce more than half the hot water we need over the course of a year.
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    How Many Are Needed
    As a rule of thumb, under typical UK conditions you will need about 1 square metre (m2) of solar water heating panel area per person.
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    Financial Support
    The government's Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) offers support for domestic and non-domestic installations. This is if you meet the governments preferences on installing a solar heater in and have applied for it correctly.
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    How Much Heat Can It Produce
    Summer, a large SWH system can produce most/all of the hot water required. Spring/Autumn, SWH can reduce the amount of energy required for water heating. Winter, SWH usually only makes a small contribution as the sunlight is weak.
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    A typical domestic solar water heating (solar thermal) in the UK will cost between £2,500 and £5,000, including installation and the cost of a new twin coil hot water cylinder.
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    Photovoltaics Vs SWH
    Solar photovoltaics (PV), also known as solar electricity, is a technology that converts sunlight directly into electricity. Solar water heating (SWH), sometimes also known as solar thermal, is a technology that uses sunlight to produce hot water.